Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some Terminology Related to Multiple Cropping

Multiple  Cropping ( sugarcane with vegetable )
AGRO-FORESTRY: when are grown along with the agricultural crops ( annual crop ) and livestock, then it is called agroforestry. Example mango with rice.
PRECISION AGRICULTURE: It is a concept of agriculture which relying on the existence of in-field variability. Modern technologies as for example sensors, aerial image, information management tools etc are required for this agriculture. Yield of crops is predict accurately after collecting data by modern equipment.
 ALLY CROPPING: When annual crops are grown between the rows of trees or shrubs, it is called ally cropping. We can get fertilizer, mulch material and livestock feed from pruning of the trees and shrubs.
 CROPPING PATTERN: Cultivation of crops in yearly sequence and spatial arrangement of crops including fallow on a given  area is called cropping pattern.
 CROPPING SYSTEM: Cropping system is the cropping patterns which is used on a farm and their interaction with the resources of that farm, interaction with other farm enterprise and the available input and output technologies which indicate or determine their make up.
FARMING SYSTEM: All the elements such as people, livestock, wildlife, crops, other vegetation, the environment and the ecological, economic, social action between them which are interact as a system, is known as farming system.
MONOCULTURE: When a crop is cultivated on a particular agricultural land or crop field year after year, is known as monocultre.
 CROP ROTATION: Recurrent succession of a set of selected crops grown on a particular agricultural land for definite time of period according to a definite plan is known as crop rotation.
 COMPANION CROPS: When the different crops are sown in different rows but not mixed together, then this crops are known as companion crop to each other.
GUARD CROPS: When hardy or thorny crops remain surrounding the main crops as a guard, is called guard crops.
AUGMENTING CROPS: When different sub crops are sown for the purpose of supplement the yield of the main crop, then the sub crops are known as augmenting crops.
PARALLEL CROPPING: When two crops are grown in a same time in a particular land as parallel to each other but those crops have different growth habits, no competition and they can express their full yield potential, then it is called parallel cropping.
MULTI-STORIED CROPPING: When crops of different highs are grown at a same time in a same field is called multisoried cropping.
SYNERGISTIC CROPPING: If the yield of two crops is higher when they are cultivated on a unit area in a same time than the total yield of their pure cultivation on separate land on unit area basis then it is called synergistic cropping.

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