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Origin: Origin of rice is Indo-Bangladesh subcontinent.
Species: Mainly species is present and they are Oryza sativa and Oryza glaberrima.
Chromosome: Rice has 24 chromosomes.
Land: For rice cultivation sandy loam to clay loam soil is required. Soil pH should be 4.5 to 7.5.
Seed rate: For broad cast rice 70-80 kg/ha and for transplanting rice  40-45 kg/ha
5oo meter square nursery bed is required for for seedling of 1 ha of land ( for transplanting rice ) .
Seedling age: For Boro rice - 45 days seedlings, for T. Aman 30days seedlings, for T.Aus 25 days seedlings.
Yield: for local variety 2.5-3 ton/ha for HYV 6-7 ton/ha
Spacing: 25cm by 15 cm is standard and 2-3 seedlings/hill for hill cultivation
Rice has special affinity to water though rice is not a hydrophyte plant.
BR3 ( Biplob) a variety of Bangladesh can grow any season of the year.
Life cycle: Life cycle of Boro rice is 135-150 days and it is a highest life cycle. Because in winter season temperature remains very low, and the rate of plants slow down.
Vitamin - A rich rice variety is golden rice.
Rice contains 7% protein.
Rice varieties developed in Bangladesh are ( from BRRI ) BR1 to BR26 except BR13 and BRRI dhan 27 to BRRI dhan 57.
Local varieties: Nizershail, Pajam, Biroy, Latishail etc.
Aromatic varieties: BRRI dhan 34, Banglamoti ( BRRI dhan 50 ), Tulsi mala, Kalizira etc.
Also Ratoon rice is grown in Bangladesh.
SRI ( system of rice intensification ): It is a special type of rice production system where 8-14 days old seedlings are transplanted in 1 seedling/hill with wide spacing.
Aus rice: BR 21, BR 24, BR 26, BRRI dhan 42, BRRI dhan 43, BRRI dhan 48.
Aman rice: BRRI dhan 49, BRRI dhan51, BRRI dhan 52, BRRI dhan 53, BRRI dhan 54, BRRI Hybrid Dhan 4.
Boro rice: BRRI dhan 28, BRRI dhan 29, BRRI dhan 50, BRRI Hybrid dhan 1,BRRI Hybrid dhan2, BRRI Hybrid dhan 3.
Broadcast Aman rice or  floating Rice: Habiganj Aman 1,2,4.
The plot size of for rice nursery bed is 10m*1.25m*15cm
Gap between two adjacent beds of rice seedlings is 50cm
20 meter square area can be covered by the seedlings of 1meter square.
Urea should not be applied on standing water on field.
In low pH soil and wet land, P is less available.
If P is applied in excess amount, availability of Zn, Fe and Cu decrease.
BRRI has 9 local stations in all Bangladesh.
Yield of rice: In Bangladesh 4.01ton/ha.
In world Bangladesh is the 4th  highest Rice producing country.
IR8 is the first HYV rice variety in Bangladesh.
BRRI released 58 rice varieties. 54 are inbreed and 4 are hybrid ( up to 2011)
BRRI has introduced Drum Seeder, BRRI weeder, BRRI open drum thresher, BRRI dryer, BRRI power winnower.
Cold stress, heat stress, drought stormy wind are the causes of chuffiness of rice seed.

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